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Supplying the world since 2000! Celebrating 20 years!

There is nothing new or revolutionary about soaking in Magnesium rich waters - your ancestors have done it for thousands of years!

Magnesium Gel Testimonials

Our customers LOVE your Magnesium Oil, Gel, and Bath Crystals

Dandelions, Yellville AR


I also wanted to tell you about something I experienced today. I had been using the Magnesium Gel since about February also (started using it because of an injury to my knee a year ago. Dr. was even talking knee replacement), and was pain free. I haven't rubbed it on my skin for about a month. (Just too lazy) This morning I got out of bed unable to put weight on my leg. I came to work in extreme pain, pretty much just shuffling along. I have a sample bottle of MG in my office and thought "why not try it on the knee? It has worked before." To the bathroom I went with my MG in hand. Rubbed my knee and was able to walk out of the bathroom with hardly any pain! My employees were amazed and wanted to know all about it. You know I told them! Thanks for all your great products and I will be using MG and my MO every day again!!

Catherine H, Lithia Springs, GA


Hey, I have a new Magnesium Gel story!!! We went camping at the ocean and, of course, I got my face burned. I had taken my aloe gel along, but lost it when we moved from one campsite to another. So, I just put MG on my face every night before bed. I soon had a nice tan and no peeling skin. It was great!



My boys LOVE the Magnesium Gel for growing pains and sore muscles from soccer.



Ok, about two weeks ago my DH tore something in his upper thigh doing toe touches for his self defense class. We are pretty sure that something was torn as there was a lot of bruising farther down the leg. We put MO and Dr Christopher's Cayenne Heat Ointment (full name as we just started a new jar and could actually read the label ) on the leg twice a day and wrapped it. It is two weeks later and the bruising is gone and it is feeling great. The leg began improving the first few days we used it, which is why we felt comfortable continuing it without a doctor's visit.


MO and MG are wonderful for muscle soreness and bruising. We're sure glad that we had it.



I use the magnesium gel in my massage practice. When someone comes in with really sore and/or dense, tight muscles, I coat them with the mag gel and then run the Jeannie Rub massager over them. (It's big, like a two handed car buffer.) The massager increases the circulation in the area, and drives the mag gel into the blood stream even faster. It's like a minor miracle, saves me lots of time, and clients love it! I can't wait to try the new version with the seaweed extract!

I thank you and my clients thank you!
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Adeha in North Carolina


I'm still using the mag gel. I just put it on all over after a shower. It has pretty much eliminated my restless legs problem. It also calms me and makes my skin look better. My nails are not splitting anymore either.



I love Magnesium oil and gel! I'm hooked! I can't believe what it has done for my bottoms of my feet! I now use it everywhere.


I love my magnesium products. I have stopped having those annoying heart palpitations that started this year which were hormone related, I'm sleeping better and don't suffer from PMS like symptoms anymore. I recommend it to everyone.



I have to tell you about my recent surgery on my finger. On Nov 18th, 2008, I had a small growth removed and the incision was about 1.5 inches long and took 7 stitches to close. As soon as the bandage was removed (2 weeks later) I began applying magnesium gel to it. The scar has virtually disappeared! I know without a doubt that it is because of the magnesium. I am including pictures, the first one is sort of gross but was taken about two days after the bandage was removed. The next one I took today (Jan 8th). The scar has looked this good since before Christmas, I just forgot to take the pictures. Got to love magnesium!!



Loving the magnesium... blood counts are going up as they should. It's saving my life!!

Thank you!



I read the books about transdermal magnesium, and I became convinced that we are all deficient in magnesium and that the best way to get it to the cells is through the skin. I scoured the Internet, and you have the highest quality, the best prices, and the fastest service. I have now reordered several times and even bought some and had you ship it to a friend. You have never disappointed me. But the best thing is that magnesium is keeping my arthritis in check. Both hands were stiff and painful and now, and since about two months of transdermal magnesium, I am fine, fine, fine! I can still type my 115 WPM and there is no pain playing the piano. Thank you for a great product!

Carol Ann


Another use for mag gel: Like a styptic pencil. I cut myself shaving today but didn't realize it until I noticed some quick stinging sensations when applying mag gel! Quick ouch! But the stinging was gone instantly and the tiny cuts were already healing up.



I wanted to let you know that I "LOVE" your magnesium products.


I read the little insert on the "ultimate bath soak" and would like to also order the bath crystals, magnesium snow and fg mica crystals.

Thank you...you are a wonderful company and I'm grateful for your services and products.



I am using mag gel and some essential oils on my face, neck and chest. The wrinkly skin that was starting on my neck is almost totally gone! I'm tickled! Thanks, Joan.



We can't thank you enough for your wonderful magnesium products. My husband NEVER goes to bed without soaking in the crystals and then applying a good coat of magnesium gel on all the parts that ache. Since his 4-wheel accident he had been in constant pain, relying on pain killers just to survive, but hasn't had to take any since we started on your magnesium products!

Thank you and God bless you!



I lost another skin tab today. That makes one mole (the kind with a base narrower than the top) and two skin tabs. I have been using magnesium gel on them, making sure I get all around the base twice a day. It will start to get sore. Keep putting on the gel as it will heal the mole or skin tab off. After some days, the blood will be cut off to the mole/tab and it will turn black. A few days later it will fall off. Time from getting sore to falling off is close to a week. I am very excited as I have a few that I need to get rid off as they are in places where they can be irritated.



I have had a small wart on one finger that had been surgically removed, but returned, thriving for many years. I'm happy to report that it is gone now. The only thing I have been doing differently is using my hands to apply the oil and gel to my face and hair. Great stuff!



Joan I just wanted to thank you for all of your help! You truly are the best!

I have to let you know my opinion of the mag gel! Love it Love it Love it! That stuff is truly great. I am so going to be pestering you very soon for a whole gallon. I am feeling a little stingy with the stuff. I rubbed it on my body last night and it felt silky. Being so impressed I did it after my shower today and even tried my face. Silky! This really is a great product. I think the kids can even enjoy this one. No one really cared for the stickies before. Although I do have to say the old one made a great hand lotion mixed with shea butter. The 2 would leave my hands feeling great. Can't wait to try it with the new.



I just received the oil and gel with seaweed yesterday and had my first foot bath with the oil---I slept like a baby.




Hi I just had to pop in here to say I LOVE MAGNESIUM GEL!!! Oh my. It's not sticky and it combines great with my lotion. It's a great alternative to foot soaks.

Oh man - now I think I have to buy gallons of each!

I also want to add that when I don't do my foot soaks - my bladder doesn't work as well. With my foot soaks - just like before I had my kids.



I clean houses for a living and I have always struggled with my dry hands. This past weekend I noticed that they were not dry at all. They were smooth and soft. I started washing with Apple Cider Vinegar and water instead of soap about a month ago. The ACV balances the PH of your skin and washes away all that soap build up. It's great!! I also have been putting Magnesium Gel and Cayenne Salve on my spider veins on my legs. So, I am slathering away with the MG, getting it all over my legs and hands. Same with the cayenne salve. The combination of the three things has made a difference with my hands. I am thrilled. I never thought to see soft, smooth hands again. Plus, my spider veins are getting better too!!



I have been using the magnesium oil and gel. Heading into my third month.

I sleep better. I used to take melatonin, but don't have to anymore. Did you know that your body needs magnesium to produce melatonin? Makes so much sense.

Stress is not as hard on me.

Anxiety has diminished.

I put it on my face, the bags under my eyes aren't as swollen, my pores are definitely getting smaller. I also carefully put it on my eyelids and my eyes don't get as tired anymore. I had read about using an oil that way for dry eyes and decided to try it with MO.

I put it on my spider veins and have noticed improvement. I do AL to get the sluggish blood out of the leg, put on the magnesium gel, follow it with Joan's wonderful cayenne salve [Dr. Christopher's Cayenne Heat Ointment] and put the feet up for 20 min. (By the way, Joan, I love the smell of the salve.)

I soak my feet about 2-3 times a week or whenever I have had a stressful day or am especially tired.

We use the gel on bumps and bruises. I put it on cuts or scrapes, peel myself off the ceiling, and watch it heal faster.

I brush my teeth with the oil-I'm up to full strength now. My teeth were translucent, but now the enamel is rebuilding again. I could tell a difference within days. Dh says if it is doing this for your teeth, think what it is doing inside your body.

I put some MO in my shampoo and use the gel in my hair when I am ready to style it. I also use virgin apple cider and prill water as a rinse for my hair. My hair has always been limp and would lose whatever curl I managed to get in it by noon. Now, it is shiny and manageable and holds the style all day, sometimes into the next day.

We also have the prills and love the taste of our water now. We want to get the laundry prills also.

But I am so pleased with the MO and gel, I would not like to be without it again.



Type II diabetes experiment.

Last night I did a hot stone/magnesium gel massage on a person with Type II (severe). Before we started she check her blood sugar - 260. I wanted to try a massage with hot stones to see if more magnesium gel would be absorbed - that's exactly what happened. Hot stones are normally contra-indicated for someone with Type II - due to lesser sensations in the extremities. I used the hot stones mainly on the core - not on the extremities. Also, I add some essential oils to my magnesium gel (w/seaweed extract from Joan). The oils I usually add are for relaxation, increased circulation and scar tissue release. After a one hour hot stone/mag. gel massage her blood sugar tested at....drum roll......140.


**Note from Health and Wisdom - anyone in kidney FAILURE should NOT use ANY Magnesium.


I use the magnesium products from Joan Schrader at Health and Wisdom and it is rebuilding my health so much in needed ways. It also enabled us to conceive again! Magnesium is directly related to infertility and a host of other health problems that are consistently prescribed for or treated in other ways including by homeopaths and naturopaths because not enough is known about this most vital mineral, magnesium.



My hair on the other hand is amazing!! I started the mag gel in my hair mid July and had it trimmed of all dead ends August 1st. I wash with magnesium gel/shampoo and rinse with 50/50 ACV&H2O. After towel drying I apply magnesium gel into my hair and it really helps in getting the brush through my long and thick hair. My hair is so soft and shiny!! 5 months after that haircut I have very few split ends! Amazing! I will also add that I rarely use hairspray and the mag gel has taken the place of styling gel and I rarely use a hair dryer.

Also, I gave my MIL some mag gel and she's been using it in her hair. I couldn't believe it when we saw her 3 weeks later! Her hair is darkening just from using the mag gel in her hair! I find it amazing how she's reacting so fast to the gel...she obviously needed it. I told her not everyone will get color back so fast so she's feeling quite fortunate!

So...if you are feeling good results with soaking...stick with it!

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Ok, update on my spider veins. I had a spider vein on my left leg that had a 1 1/2" diameter pool of blood under the skin. There was an area about 3" that had that dark blue vein color. I started putting magnesium gel on it. First, the pool of blood which was just liquid and solid dark blue, started to have veins in there that I could feel. They were swollen, but much better than no veins at all. Now, I still feel the veins, but they are much smaller. AND the dark blue is only on the veins and regular skin color is popping up in between the veins where there was just a pool of blood before!!

So, I would have to say yes, that MG does help veins. I just ordered some cayenne ointment to help the MG to penetrate a little more. And yes, I am using it on all my varicose veins-the big pooches up the side of my leg. If it helps the little ones, it's got to help the big ones. I do AL morning and evening, before I put on the gel. In the morning, I put on my Leggs Active Support on immediately after the gel. In the evening, I do AL on my bed, put on the gel and go to sleep without getting out of bed.

I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S WORKING!!!!!! I have only been using it about 3 weeks.



DH and I are both using the magnesium gel on our hair. He does not usually show interest in hair care products, but he does like the way his hair does not fly away when he uses the gel. He is also using it on his feet, especially his heels and says it is taking care of the cracking and dryness. My hair feels so much better since using the gel also. We are both using it on our faces and are seeing good results. Many thanks, Joan.


Well the other day I was in linens and things and while standing at the checkout to buy more Ped Eggs, which by the way are great, I noticed a 10x magnifying mirror and picked it up almost scared to look and WOW!!! My skin looked GREAT!!! I use the mo gel everyday and most nights before I moisturize with CO. My pores looked very good, I was very pleased! I also have to brag on my nails. Usually when my nails start to look good with impressive length, and I am noticing them, I start to get scared because seems the minute I do, they start to break. For the past few weeks I have tried to not admire them BUT I just can't help it, they look wonderful and they are strong. It has to be the mo gel because when I do my face I always massage the residue gel into my nails and cuticles. I had been using the MO for a while when I told Joan I hadn't noticed the nail thing that others do and she ask me if I was massaging into my nails and thus a new habit was born. Boy has it paid off!



I finally ordered some magnesium oil and gel. I did a foot soak last night with the MO and used the gel on my body. Today I have used the gel on my body and in my hair. The gel feels very nice on my skin. It is not sticky at all. I do not notice much of an odor. It is barely noticeable and not a bad smell. The smell dissipates after the gel absorbs. My skin feels noticeably tighter and my hair feels more smooth and looks shinier. I have used the gel on my face. It did not sting and had a firming effect on my face.

Today, I feel more calm. I am usually very, anxious. I have restless legs also. Today I feel much more calm than I have felt in a long time. Joan shipped my order lightening fast and she has been so helpful answering questions.

I plan on using this from now on.




After the post about using the OIL faithfully on the face day and night (which I had stopped doing when I got the gel) and looking younger (congrats!) I went back to using the oil on my face night and day and you know, it really does make a big difference in toning my skin.

I still will put the gel on later and the VCO but the OIL is a must for looking more toned.



On another very positive note, I fell the day before Thanksgiving (2 weeks ago) and had a HUGE deep purple bruise (think dinner plate size and a purple darker than the header at the top of this page) on my left thigh. Man, it hurt and was swollen for several days. I couldn't wear jeans because they were too tight. Anyway, I began rubbing in MO and MG into it a couple of times a day. When I could, I began to do PBS and HDs to get the lymph flowing. It's now two weeks later...and the bruise is almost completely GONE! Not lighter purple, not green, not yellow - GONE! Just a slight ring around the edges (looks like a nebula). It still has a knot on the muscle but that fades more each day. AMAZING STUFF!

And Joan, feel free to add THAT story to your website!



I just wanted to pop in and tell of my update with MG (which I love love love).

I use it religiously on my face AM & PM. I also use it AM on my entire body.

I was at my mechanics shop talking to him and mid conversation HE said "You look 10 years younger"!!!! And I thought thanks MG!!!!

I will have to try it on my teeth now too.

Thanks Joan!



The Ultimate Bath was relaxing and I did a foot soak the next day full strength w/no stinging. I sprayed mag oil on after bath and was a little stingy, only till it dried. I am really impressed with the laundry prills, DH is also. I did several loads w/no detergent including DH horrible work clothes (chain oil, gas, diesel fuel), everything came out clean, smelled like I dried them outside and they were soft w/ no fab soft.


I had a bruise on the back of my leg down near the ankle, I winged a ligament and had a sore stingy response to touch. When I put the gel on, the hurt goes away in less than a minute. But I also noticed the bruising seems to be going faster also. I have decided to put on the gel regularly for awhile instead of waiting till it hurts.

I also love the MO (50/50) on my face. It stings a little, but that goes away soon. I follow with CO and find myself looking for reasons to do it in the middle of the day.


I've been soaking my feet in the MO for about a week now. We went out of town this weekend, so taking the tub of MO wasn't an option. I did bring the bottle of it and rubbed my feet with it liberally every night. Then when I got home on Saturday night, I soaked my feet for about 10 minutes. WOW...what a difference! It's true that sometimes you don't know how well something is working until you don't do it anymore. My legs felt so relaxed, and I just drifted off to sleep so easily. Yet, even just rubbing my feet with MO while I was gone, I didn't notice any negative effects. It was just that the soaking felt so much more "intense."

Another thing that happened was that my chiropractor commented that my back and neck were much easier to adjust than last time. In fact, he said it was the easiest that he's ever adjusted me. I told him briefly about the MO and promised to send him more info. Whenever I've had headaches, or sometimes just before going to bed, I've massaged the MO or MG into my neck and upper back, so it must be making the muscles less constricted (an amazing feat for me!).



I was very good at daily soaking the first month. I now soak 2-3 times a week with a bath a few times a month...not enough magnesium time. I noticed better health when I was more consistent. However, I do use the mag gel on my whole body daily after showering followed with vco. I'm committed to that and love what it does for my skin!


Well, I've had my Mag Oil and Mag Gel for a week now. Only last night and this morning I was "brave" enough to use the Mag Gel on my VERY hyper active rosecea. It did sting, but just a little.

Anyway, my skin looks spectacular today (comparatively) there are still some little red spots but no itchy ones. My cheeks are pink, but not at all itchy or hot. It's WONDERFUL.



Today I added mag oil to my shampoo and conditioner, rather than the gel like I normally do (I have the handy gallon size of the mag oil, dontcha know). Wow, what a difference! I had used about 2/3 of my products and added about 3 pumps of oil into each bottle.

Today my hair has been incredibly smooth, not flyaway at all (it sometimes borders on frizzy), and it is so incredibly soft I can't believe it! It was always nice with the mag gel, but with the oil, WOW!


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I have to add that the Mag Gel is making my hair amazingly clean and, get this:

I have baby fine hair that snarls so very easily and is a real pain to get a comb through after washing. I am tangle free with using the Mag Gel with my shampoo!!

AND I've not had nearly so many snarls with the collars brushing up against my hair in this static generating weather and time of year!



I'm using the gel on my face, neck, chest and hands. In minutes my skin is smoother and tighter, my jowls and saggy neck have lifted, and my eyelids lose their droop. I couldn't be more thrilled! I'm hoping eventually my marionette lines will diminish.



BTW has anyone ever reported that age spots start disappearing? I've had some on my hand and many "freckles" on my arms for a couple of years now. I'm seeing them fade.




I just got the new mag gel today and I really like it.

The ultimate bath felt great yesterday. Yesterday I got brave and did a mag snow facial while taking a bath. I felt an instant relief in the pain and a definite decrease in redness. This morning my face was tons better over yesterday!! [From Rosacea] So...I took another bath today and did another facial!

I also love ,love , love the VCO [Virgin Coconut Oil] and Magnesium Gel at night. My skin looks awesome.


For deeper penetration of gel & oil - use a hand towel or tea towel, dampen - put in microwave [or heated in a crock pot] for a minute or two, apply gel or oil to area of concern - you can layer Dr. Christopher's Cayenne heat ointment or spray to top, then apply towel (check for temp first). Cover with dry towel to insulate and remove after heat is gone. Moist heat penetrates deep into tissue.

If you apply it along the spine (Mag oil/gel) you will be targeting all the spinal nerves. Great relaxation, alkalizes, etc. Jane B., LMT**Health and Wisdom note - we do not endorse the use of microwaves.


I am one of the fortunate samplers for the new magnesium gel with seaweed extract! Today I finally had a chance to use it by itself and I love it! It is NOT sticky, it goes on smooth and silky, and the gel is actually a GEL, not totally runny like the old "gel"!

I put some on my face on top of other stuff . . . face not sticky.

I put some on my arms all by itself . . . arms smooth, not sticky.

I put some gel in my hair along with a drop of perfume . . . hands fragrant, but not sticky!

I like to put a drop of perfume in my hand and then add about a half-teaspoon of magnesium gel to it and work it into my wet hair. I did this today with the new gel and my hair is so soft and wavy. I'm going to give some to my infamous daughter Laura tomorrow so she can spike her new short haircut a bit with this lovely mag gel.

I know it's really magnesium because I had a small abrasion on my face and the mag gel stung a bit then stopped! I figure it can only help.

I'm going to pour the rest of the old gel into my shampoo and conditioner (this is an outstanding product extender, BTW), then next time order a big honkin' bottle of the new magnesium gel with seaweed extract!

Joan, you have a WINNER here!



I just got my new mag gel this week and am loving it!! It is not leaving my skin sticky so I can use [it] over more skin than just my sore muscles!


A much appreciated use of the magnesium gel! My DH and I were an hour from home yesterday after being on the road for 11 hours. I needed to take the last turn behind the wheel as my DH had gone as long as he could. When we were nearly ready to take off I got a killer horrible muscle knot on the back of my thigh! I tried stretching it and walking it out with no affect. I finally reached for my magnesium gel that was thankfully handy. I rubbed it on and was fine within a minute. I drove home without a problem. I wish I'd of had that gel when I was pregnant!! Lovin' that stuff!!


When I spray my feet before bed, I sleep very deep and usually all night without interruption. And when I don't use it, I seem to be much more restless and often wake up needing the bathroom or something.


Just wanted to quickly let you know that I have been putting mag gel on the soles of my 3 kids (ages 5, 4, 21 months) for the past 4 days and they have been sleeping through the night. Ages 5 and 4 have not had any nightmares (a common occurrence for us) and the baby, who has been waking up during the night for her water bottle every single night since birth, has not woken up once over the past 4 days. Mind you, I do wait till they're asleep before applying the gel as I'm afraid they'd protest or rub it off on the sheets . It's pure magic.


Magnesium is fantastic for sleep. I was a horrible sleeper until I found mg and I sleep even better with Magnesium Oil. It's funny since today my DH says he's been sleeping better when he uses it. I actually find that if I wake up in the middle of the night I'll actually go right back to sleep.


Yesterday I tried the "Ultimate Bath" with the ingredients I received from [Health And Wisdom]. Both of my legs floated from the hip sockets to the feet. It was like 1/2 my body was on the space shuttle. Neato.

~ Jane B. Manchester NH


I just wanted to report on an interesting benefit I found with the Magnesium gel. It makes my make-up go on/wear better!

I can't find my favorite foundation any more and the closest thing they make to replace it is too moisturizing for me, so it leaves a bit of stickiness on my face. When I apply the gel after my shower, before my moisturizer and then the foundation, it seems to "set" better and not feel so "icky"!

Moyne G New Boston TX


Anyone on the fence on whether or not to try this product, and certainly anyone out there with adrenal issues, I urge you to give the Magnesium oil a try.

Magnesium oil is my new staple. Oh, and I recently tried the Magnesium oil gel. The gel is great for daily application.

I've been applying the gel to my under arms and a spot here and there during the day, and using the oil for foot soaks and/or bathing.

I ordered the oil and gel from H & W and had a wonderful experience! Joan's DH answered all of my questions and completed my order just as he said he would. I had to leave on vacation and he shipped it the day I needed so it would get there when I got home.

I love the product. I am sleeping incredibly well! Better than a baby. I put the gel on my kiddos backs and have my DH using it. My DH messed up a muscle in his hip and it gives him sciatic type pains. When he uses the oil at night, he wakes up without pain.

~ Wendy H. Kingwood TX


I received my order yesterday, thank you. I've tried out ALL of the products and I'm having fun trying to figure out what will work best for my massage clients. So far, the gel wins hands down in terms of skin feel following application. In the process, though, I ended up sooo relaxed that I slept 11 hours last night and my habitual teeth clenching is absent. My face looks relaxed, too, which translates to looking younger and fresher - forget Botox!

First I slathered the oil all over my body and let that sit for an hour or so while I did a facial with snow and mica dust. Then I bathed in the bath crystals and followed that with an application of the gel everywhere I could reach. By then I was ready for a nap but the phone kept ringing and didn't happen. Bed at 7:00, up at 6:00. It's that easy to look younger, sleep better, and stop the chronic jaw tension. I can hardly wait to see what this will do for my clients and my friends. I have been on a quest for so many years to find a way to get magnesium introduced topically and I can say now that I think the quest has been fulfilled.

If these products can do so much for me - a person who is aware of magnesium needs and careful to try to get enough - imagine what it can do for people who can't tolerate or don't eat magnesium rich foods and supplements. My youngest client is 62, which means that everyone I deal with is at the age where hypertension, blood sugar, cardiovascular, arthritis, reflux and other digestive disorders are imminent threats to their well being. Magnesium plays a pivotal role in all of those issues, so I'm hoping that my TLC with magnesium products can soften the edges by keeping at least that factor moderated some without introducing diarrhea as oral Magnesium products do. Heck, if I can just get enough magnesium in to allow the muscles I soften to stay that way for a while I'll be content! Additional benefits would be the gravy.


Well, now I've been using the magnesium products for about 3 weeks and I have to say I now can't live without it - both on a professional and a personal basis. My massage clients are responding to the magnesium gel in ways I never could have predicted and it's almost all good. One client actually had MORE spasms when I used the gel on him and I eventually found out that if there's not enough calcium for the magnesium to balance with that can happen, so that may be why he had that backlash (after it worked remarkably well to soften those tight muscles). He's one of those people that needs an entire mineral rebalancing, would be my best guess.

Other than that, small miracles are taking place. Remember that all of my clients are people that I know well and have been seeing regularly for many years - my newest client was added to my list 4 years ago. So I am familiar with all of their stubborn areas and have worked those

muscles with serious emphasis over and over again without getting that final breakthrough that would make the difference. Well, no more !! Old issues are resolving under my hands as long as I use the magnesium gel and work the muscles to get the blood flowing in along with the magnesium it carries. It takes just as much work, but the results are so much greater than I've ever achieved before. I've not used it with anyone more than 3 times yet, so can't say just how far this will take us, but so far so good, and it does seem to be increasing in effect as the process is repeated.

I just came home from working with a 90 yr old friend who called me desperate from having been sick with flu for the past few weeks who couldn't get her strength back and had lost her normal hopeful attitude. She was depressed, afraid, stressed, and cranky. So I got her to lie on her bed and rubbed some Magnesium gel into her legs and feet; after about 10 minutes she started coughing and suddenly realized that she hadn't been able to exhale fully for the past week and was thrilled to be coughing up the junk and getting fresh air into her lungs. She said "I haven't been able to do that all week!" a number of times. It seems that the magnesium had helped relax some bronchospasms and allowed normal breathing processes to take place. Sadly, her doctor had a week before prescribed an inhaler for her but she hadn't figured out how to use it and it was just sitting on her bedside table not helping her at all so I taught her the ropes with that and she'll be able to help herself if she needs to. I had spent the afternoon making her a pot of soup, but I don't think she'll be needing that nearly as much as a nice relaxing bath in magnesium, so tomorrow I'll take over some bath salts and prills for her. Too bad - it was good soup!

~ Terry P. Bantam CT


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